Apply all these rules to your business, in parallel with a bespoke marketing plan to put power behind your business ambitions.

Rule 1

Put the customer at the heart of your business, because it’s not about you, it’s about the customer experience; this is what delivers sales, and nothing else.

Rule 2

Clearly identify your ideal customer and speak their language

Rule 3

Differentiate your brand with “unique selling proposition” (USP) that packages your services to stand out from your competitors

Rule 4

Differentiate your brand with a clear identity, and speak in your brand voice at all times

Rule 5

Postion yourself as the “go-to” and the “trusted advisor” in your market place

Rule 6

Use your existing customers to help you sell

Rule 7

Put digital marketing at the centre of your strategy, and mix it with traditional offline marketing to help you attract, engage, and keep your customers – and continually find new ones

Rule 8

Sell in a Human to Human way. It’s not about product, features or benefits.  It’s about selling in a human way, whether you are in the B2C, or the B2B market. Have some conversations!


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