Content Marketing is King: 6 tips to help you sell with content

  1. Teach something
  2. Be yourself
  3. Take the dinner party approach
  4. Leave your posh voice behind
  5. Get with social media
  6. Don’t pay for advertising

Before we look at my 6 tips let’s get one thing straight

Launching is not a story; building an audience is a story!

Just because you have a nice new website that is live doesn’t mean that you’ll be flooded with customers. You have to drive customers to your site and you do this with content.

Teach don’t spend

Teaching people things and sharing your expertise and knowledge earns loyalty and trust from the people you are trying to sell to.

Take the example of chefs. Gordon Ramsay isn’t stupid; he shares his cook book! He is informative, educational and of course, promotional!

He brings people behind the scenes and exposes the real goings on. People feel they know him. They have a connection. They understand and appreciate his world. It’s this connection that you have to create and exploit to deliver success for your business, so teach something and you don’t have to spend anything.

Be real

No one likes plastic flowers.  People respond to “real” not fake. Strip things back and show people what you have. Be real and don’t be afraid to be real.

In the corporate world that I live in generally there is a tendency for people to become sterile so that they fit into the box and for a long time I fell into this trap.

Then I realised that it’s good to be yourself. Personality is a tradeable currency. Always leave the poetry in what you make. Stay genuine with the content you produce. If it’s not perfect, then it’s genuine – and genuine sells.

Take the Dinner Party approach

Think of your small business as a person.  You need to get cosy with the people who buy your stuff, so you need to create an intimacy and have intense conversations that have integrity. This is the Dinner Party.

Compare it with the Cocktail Party. You can only have general conversations with strangers at a big cocktail party.

Go for the dinner party approach every time when thinking about your content marketing. Make it real.  Make it genuine.  Make it you.

Sound like yourself

Honesty drives good business. Talk like you are sitting next to someone. Don’t try to make out you are something you are not.

If you are a freelancer, building websites for instance, then sound like a freelancer with all the advantages and benefits of delivering work as a freelancer brings. Don’t make out like you are a big agency; people will feel tricked.

You need people to trust you, otherwise they won’t buy what you are selling.

Selling and telling your story

Unless you are a big corporate then the days of the press release are over. The press release purpose is visibility, but the social media explosion means that people get their news from a myriad of channels, many of which are niche.

Instead of sending out press release call someone, send a note, guest blog, ask a niche blogger to carry your content. Niche bloggers are sometimes tastemakers since stories that start out on the fringe can get traction and get big.

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