The use of digital tools like mobile event apps is essential for engaging your audience and delivering a valuable user experience during events, conferences or even simple seminars and meetings.

You want to be able to get people onboard before they arrive, keep their attention and interact with them while they are there, and follow up effectively with them afterwards. Traditional offline tools just can’t create the type of interactions that digital tools bring.

Here’s where the customised mobile event app comes in. Every event or seminar should have one, but the normal response when considering it range from “it’s expensive” to “it’s complicated”. I did quite a lot of research on this topic for a flagship customer event I produced, and I discovered that it needn’t be either. I saved thousands of pounds while being fully in control of the app’s development. My discovery is called Yapp.

When I compared it with the cost and features of some higher profile event software solutions on the market it was a no brainer. With Yapp I spent under £500 for an app that has an initial shelf life of one year, is renewable after that, or can be cloned and customised for future events, and that has all the features you would expect from similar fully customised app solutions on the market.

Yapp made it easy for me to create my own event app and stay fully in control of its development. I customised it to deliver lots of features, and it’s customiseable enough to apply your own brand characteristics once inside the app.

Its features include

Agenda and Personal Schedule
Multi Track Agenda
Twitter Feed
Personalised Schedules
Speaker Profiles

Customisation is pretty good, although the entry icon that the user sees on the mobile phone is actually the Yapp icon, not the company’s own branded icon (this is called a “container app”).

With Yapp I found an event app that delivers a branded, interactive customer experience at a fraction of the normal cost of creative assets. I don’t have to design or print any onsite collateral and I can make changes in real-time.

If you are looking for a cost effective event app full of great features, and you don’t mind this container app approach, then you could do a lot worse than choose Yapp.

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(note: I don’t have any affiliation or connection with the Yapp company)



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