Event Communications Toolbox

Differentiate and promote your event: inside and outside.

It's not what you say, it's the way you say it!

You get one opportunity to make your pitch.

The way you differentiate and express your business event offer is make or break.  It’s not so much about what you say, it’s about the way you say it.

Whether it’s an internal or an external audience, we can help you build your pitch for a smarter event. We take a good look at your target audience and help you to create a value proposition that will speak to them. We take your value proposition and create a suite of event communications built around it.

Mix and Match elements from our digital communications toolbox

Create your joined-up promotional and digital selling work-horse

Event Website

Event Communications

Event Apps

Social Media

Your Event Website Built and Integrated

Whether it’s a simple website that gives information, or whether you want your event website to sell tickets, we have it covered.

Your site is designed and built here, meaning that there’s full control and total flexibility for you.

We use the trusted WordPress content management system that is used to run almost 30% of the world’s websites.  This means that your site has integrity, is secure and that is it ready for whatever you want to throw at it.

We built this website on WordPress.

Your Email Communications Designed and Managed

Event Communications and marketing

Event Promotion and Delegate Communications

Your event communications plan should help you to focus on communicating with delegates, speakers, and teams in a timely, engaging and actionable way.  Promotional emails can connect you constantly with your audience and prospects, drive them to your event website and ultimately, turn visits into cash.

We design themed email communications to support your event communications plan.  The emails are integrated with your registration system for maximum efficiency and impact; we use Mailchimp – an industry-leading software – to design and build them.

We take care of all your email message distribution to your delegates, and manage interactions and feedback.

We offer full reporting and analysis, together with the security standards you’d expect as well as working to GDPR compliance and methodology.

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Include print in your event communications mix

Collateral is your shop window. You want people to come in.

Mix digital with essential print to ensure you can catch the attention of your audience across all channels: brochures, flyers and information cards are still important when meeting audiences face to face, while digital communication formats are essential to deliver your message via online channels.

You can trust our big brand marketing experience to help you deliver high-quality collateral that you will be proud of and that supports your event communications plan.

Event Apps

Event Apps: an essential event technology that drives 1:1 engagement

Think of your Event App as an essential part of your event communications ecosystem.

You can take advantage of our expertise and creativity to develop a great-looking Event App that delivers schedules, agenda and speaker information, or an App that does all that, and drives deeper audience engagement with the option for 1:1 meetings and private messaging and that endure long after the event is finished.

We work with established third party App Developers and Companies in the UK, USA and Canada to deliver a range of competitively-priced, feature-rich event bespoke and off the shelf apps that integrate with your event communications plans.

Social Media

Stimulate the tastemakers

Regardless of the type of business event you are delivering, promotion and engagement via Social Media is a must-do. Your Social Media plan and strategy is created, managed and delivered here as an element of your overall communications mix in your event communications plan.


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