Business Events Planning

From Concept to Production to Results.

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Smart business event planning.

Planned, designed, delivered by senior corporate marketers


Sales kick offs, Annual Meetings, Customer conferences


Lead generation events


Smart Roundtables, Seminars, Briefings, and Roadshows.




Press, Influencer and Launch events

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Maximum Impact.

A Focus On Results

Any size business event, delivered anywhere.

Venues, Event Logistics, Production & AV, Communications and Analytics.

We are a team of blue-chip senior corporate marketing leaders, and we specialise in business events and event planning for corporates. We deliver plans and organise Venues, Event Logistics, Production and AV, Event Communications and Analytics.

We deliver any size of business event or business meeting, anywhere in the world.

We prepare project plans and full budget forecasts as standard. You’ll look great in front of finance!

As well, as part of our business events planning approach we give you presentations and support materials that you can use to get engagement with stakeholders in-house. You’ll look great in front of the management team!

We get your show on the road

An-out-of-the-box Logistics Toolkit

In parallel with the core event planning for business events and the management support that goes with it, we have a Logistics Toolkit.

What’s in our toolkit?

We help you find venues and we offer this service for free. We also make venue plans and proposals, and make site visits – all done independently, without ties or obligations to any particular venue.

Our Event Planning Service includes business events logistics plans, staffing for your event, and we cover everything you need to take care of your delegates, including visas and travel support. Oh, and we do more than take care of your delegates – we make them feel loved!

Communications and Marketing are included in our business events toolkit, and we build and manage your event website, your registration system, and your email communications.

As you’d expect, in addition to business event planning, we also do the frilly bits, like entertainment, dinners, incentives, awards, and giveaways.

A core principle of our event planning service is value for money and squeezing the maximum out of your budget.

Event Experience Essentials

Worldwide Locations and Venues

Event Planning

Delegate Experience

Production and AV

The venue for your business event says everything – it’s a reflection of your business value proposition.

The way you plan and execute your business event gives you an opportunity to endorse your value proposition and what you stand for.

But, the way you make your delegates feel is the key to ultimate success, and will be remembered long after the event is finished.


Free worldwide venue sourcing service

Venues sourced to suit your event – completely independent search and selection. Anywhere in the world. Venue searches to reflect your business culture and event objectives.

Event Planning & Logistics

End to End business event planning

Full project management service from start to finish.  High degree of detail with organising, Production and AV, budget forecast, planning and control.  Entertainment, awards, and all the frilly bits included.

Delegate Engagement

Registration Systems

Your delegate journey starts with an easy to use Registration Site.  At the back end, it’s a bespoke design and admin operation, with full client admin control. Whether you want to sell tickets, or collect information.

Delegate Experience


We make sure your delegates feel loved with guidance, support, and a promise of an excellent delegate experience.  Whether for individuals or business teams we look after visa, travel and accommodation booking support.

AV, Staging and Production

Creative Pro Toolbox

Industry-leading AV and Production Staging Service

Productions delivered.

Budgets Maximised.

We combine our experience of delivering production and AV as part of our event planning service over many events, with the talents of some of the best production people and teams in the industry. We will make you look like a creative pro!

We know how to get the best from your production and AV budget. In fact, we know how to create the budget framework that you’ll need for an excellent production experience at your business event or conference.

We show you how to spend money only where it counts, and you’ll always get a production, AV or staging experience that matches your event objectives and your company culture.

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Expect More With Our Event Planning Service

Project Management
End to End

End to end event planning, organisation, production, management and logistics anywhere in the world. Budget included.


Set up

Production planning and AV management; everything to do with the technical set up is taken care of, using some of the best AV teams in the world.


Outsource the management and care of your agenda speakers. We find, engage and co-ordinate your speakers, as well as managing the delivery of their content.


CollateralBrand Assets

With our long experience in sourcing corporate giveaways and developing brand assets for events you can be sure that your theme and production will hang together nicely.




Logistics management includes registration systems, delivery of onsite staff and teams, travel and transport…if it has to be delivered, then it can be done.


Guidance, support, and an excellent delegate experience.  Individuals or business teams. Visa and travel support, accommodation, rehearsals – everything!




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