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Marketing Consulting Service

You're already a Marketing Leader

… and you know your stuff. You have a marketing plan, but maybe you don’t have the team or the time to execute it fully?

However, with the help of our Marketing Consulting Service, you can deliver the smartest marketing, sales or event programmes in your company within budget constraints.

Our high-quality event planning and marketing support, built on 25 years in marketing leadership roles, extends your in-house event and marketing capability. From behind the scenes, through our Marketing Consulting Service we can help you plan and deliver smart business events to support your marketing plan.

A focus on results

From sales events to industry roundtables, from customer events to conferences, our Marketing Consulting Service can help you plan with a focus on results, audience targetting, lead generation, and a return on investment.

Our standards are high. Our experience is first class. Our secrets are priceless. And you’ll be the smartest manager in the room. 

Pressure Points

We know much pressure there can be when you are trying to juggle all the balls to deliver on your marketing plan. You may have several sales teams in your ecosystem, and they are all shouting loudly. You may have quick wins to find, but you just don’t have the time or the resource to deliver several events, however small, all at once.

Our specialities

  • Business Events, small to large
  • Lead Generation focus
  • IT & Technology Sector
  • End to End Project Planning
  • Budget Control and ROI
  • Event Communications
  • Europe, Middle East & Africa geographies

Why choose us?

  • 25 years’ experience
  • A history of delivering results
  • B2B Operational Marketing specialists
  • Tried and tested approach
  • Big Brand experience
  • Quality and service ethos
  • Friendly, approachable, grounded team!

Work Smart. Deliver More!

We can work behind the scenes to support you, helping to soften the noise by extending your marketing or event team.  You can count on us to produce all the elements you need to deliver  smart events that deliver tangible results.

We have big brand operational marketing planning experience that we can lend you.

We are used to working with sales teams on defining objectives, targetting audiences, creating content for sales and business events, and delivering value propositions that spark the imagination of buyers and influencers.  We lend you our experience, and extend your team, working behind the scenes.

Pulling rabbits out of hats!

We can help you to start right at the beginning, creating an event delivery plan that suits your sales objectives – designing joined up communications, targetting your audience, tenaciously driving interactions to ensure the audience is “aware and there” and then squeezing value and ensuring your budget is focussed on getting results.


If you are already all set up to go, but need a little more help with delivery we can step in to manage the logistics and event delivery – anywhere in the world – while you push ahead with your bigger plan.

Marketing Consulting Service

We know what it takes to deliver a good event, and we understand your pain

We know you are in the firing line.

As an Event or Marketing Manager you need the best return on investment, including lead generation, from your events. However – you probably have too few resources and you don’t have the team or the time.

We also know you probably have a lot of hoops to jump through. Perhaps the biggest hoop (and arguably the most important one) is the finance and budget approval hoop.

You may have used an event organising company before, and we are sure they did ok on the logistics and venues – if only they’d understood your business objectives and the politics a bit better….

We can take away your pain with our experience and big-brand secrets

We are well qualified to help you to get through all the hoops.

Our experience comes from working client-side in leadership roles in Operational and Comms Marketing, and Events and Business Management in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa. We understand that actually delivering the event is only half the story.

After 25 years in big-brand, blue chip companies, and after all the mistakes, we reckon we know some stuff. We bring along our secrets, our understanding, and our tried and tested experiences. We work in the background, behind you, to help you deliver the best event you’ve ever done.

Enjoy effortless preparation, as we work behind the scenes.

Acting as part of your team, our service is bespoke, high quality and comes with total commitment. We can deliver all the stuff you need to manage your project – on the inside and on the outside.

You can choose from a combination of event service elements that suit your objectives.

We aren’t nit-picky about extra work or going over and above – it’s normal, and part of our DNA, because our goals and our experiences match yours.

And now you're the smartest manager in the room

Prove it!

What others say about us

Dorne is a brilliant event producer and marketing communication leader with many years of experience! She always has a creative, positive outlook and she is very good at organizing and bringing people together.

Muge Cenan DyerOrange

Dorne provides a good blend of business acumen and pragmatism, with successful experience in Marketing Planning, External Communications Management, as well as Major Event organizer, at all times combined with a positive attitude, effective facilitator skills, as well as superb communications and documentation skill, both verbally and written.

Giorgio Heiman - Business Mentor and Coach, Geneva

I have had the pleasure of working with Dorne for about 4 years on different projects. She is quite a dynamo! She is well respected for her ability to manage multiple activities at one time and always with a stellar outcome. Dorne has the ability to work across multiple departments and level of staff whether it is the CEO of the company or an SE, both get treated with the same deference and respect. Once you work and meet Dorne, you will never forget the experience. Partnering with Dorne is always a pleasure.

Susan Wills QuamMarketing Manager, Riverbed

Dorne is an excellent manager (and motivator) of agencies and broader communications projects, with a strong eye for detail/budget and a clear understanding of - and empathy for - the role of agencies. The result is an effective team approach that takes a creative, ambitious and yet highly pragmatic route to delivering communications results, managing the competing demands of a complex organisation.

Jon Walsh. MD - WPR, Dubai

Dorne is impeccable in the management of our events and marketing matters. She strongly supports the Management and Sales initiatives as well as ensuring there is continuous feedback through to our clients. Dorne is a pleasure to work with and is always responsive to any query or question.

Jeanine OsborneFounder, SendEddy, South Africa

I've worked with Dorne for 7 years. She has a real can-do approach to marketing & PR. She understands the technology market, her company, and its objectives, but knows how to get things done on time, on budget and on message.

Stewart Baines - MD, FuturityMedia, UK

I have worked for Dorne for over 5 years on various events for Orange Business Service and I have found her to be an excellent organiser and great at logistics, particularly with the challenging role of dealing with the speakers at conferences and events and organising the team to meet the requirements of each event.

Mike McGuinnessRed Rock Graphics

I worked with Dorne in organizing and managing a marketing event in Cairo. Her perception not only facilitates the job of her suppliers but also ensures that her clients achieve their tasks efficiently and effectively. Her professional personality is always combined with a pleasant and cooperative attitude which makes it a pleasure to work with her...anytime.

Amira IskanderStar of Egypt Travel, Cairo

The conferences arranged by Dorne and her team were world class.

Shaun MayCountry Manager, KCS, South Africa

“No nonsense” is the phrase that comes to mind when I think of Dorne! I have worked alongside her for the last four years as part of the PR agency handling comms for Orange Business Services in Africa, and it has been an absolute pleasure. Dorne is a passionate and knowledgeable marketing leader, with a deep understanding of business and marketing strategies and a practical approach to driving results.

Gia Costella - Director, Lionswing Brand Communications, South Africa

Dorne is an extremely knowledgeable marketing professional who is a great team contributor. She has a clear understanding of her customer and channel audiences, works well with a sales organization.

Thierry Scozzesi - CEO and Founder, Dazzl

Dorne is a high caliber professional and an extremely exceptional Marketing Manager. She possesses impressive skills in the areas of publication, event presentation, and communications management.

Cecilia Santora - COO, Neopoint Net

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