You’ve got a business idea and you’ve asked yourself the key questions before you start. Listen, it’s good enough, but you’ll always find reasons to quit or stall.

  1. Don’t quit
  2. Act “as if”
  3. Stay Selfish
  4. Believe in yourself

Don’t quit

Typical insecurities rear their heads in the form of questions like:

Why am I doing this?

Am I just giving myself more problems than I need?

Am I making something useful?

Is there an easier way?

There are lots of questions like this; they can derail you, but don’t let them!

Act as if

“Act as if” means have confidence. If you don’t believe in yourself then no-one else will. Act as if you have achieved one of your key business goals – imagine yourself 3 years from now, and act as if you are in that position. This pays off big time.

Stay selfish:

Don’t start stop. Get in the “alone zone”. If this means early mornings or late evenings for you then go for it. Analyse why and how you are being interrupted and move away from the interruptions. Set up some rules for yourself. One of my rules is no calls on a Friday. It works for me, because I have a day of peace and quiet where I can get my stuff done.

And meetings. Make them in smaller increments of 10 or 15 mins. Stick to the time. Make your meetings assets not liabilities. When you put a meeting agenda together being with a problem and end with a solution. Make someone responsible for implementing the solution.

Believe in yourself: don’t worry about what people think

The mantra I have lived by is that “it doesn’t matter what people are saying about you, as long as they are saying something”.

If no-one is talking about you then you should worry.

I generally believe that taking a strong stand is the way to attract people’s attention. Don’t compromise. Draw a line in the sand and tell yourself that you will stand for something. Don’t get hung up on the things you can’t do; get someone else to do those things. Just go for it and do the things you are good at.

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