Arrested in Marrakech – a site visit with a difference!

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A visit to Marrakech is always exciting. I love the sounds and the smells (yes, even the horse wee in the Jma El Fna); the sight of flea-ridden kittens begging scraps from the food sellers, and the snake charmers who generally don’t realise they aren’t charming anyone because it’s such a revolting sight. Imagine then, on top of all this hoo-haa, the further excitement of actually being arrested! You might be wondering what being arrested…

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Tales of travel in emerging markets: Don’t be afraid to scream in Cairo

By Locations

You can’t check-in at Cairo airport without going through security first. I’ve done it lots of times and I should have known better than to try… A mid-afternoon flight back to London means long queues in the airport, anyway, so no news there and nothing out of the ordinary. Until that is, you change your flight at the last minute and you don’t have a printer to print out your e-ticket. Because, at the time…

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project planning for business conferences and event

Project Planning: Business Conference in Romania

By Business Events, Locations, Venues

In front of me now is the planning for an internal regional conference for a global IT and Telecoms leader. In finding first the location and the venue, and then building the logistics, production and delegate management plan, there are a lot of things to consider over the next eight months. I will cover aspects of planning on each element in forward blog posts, but first comes the location search, and we’ve settled on Bucharest,…

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