Organising a client conference in Dubai at the Fairmont, Palm

Orange Business Services hosted the first Hello! World event for customers in the Middle East. Hello! World Dubai is a unique forum for senior business leaders from customers of Orange Business Services in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey.

The invitation-only event took place October 24-25 at Fairmont at the Palm, Dubai. The theme of the conference was “Let Digital Empower Your Business.”  We were aiming to attract x 300 senior IT decision makers.

Setting up workstreams with experts to deliver on actions in the Project Plan was key, and devising the format of the agenda to ensure client engagement was paramount.  In the UAE opportunities and events abound for this type of audience, and on this occasion it was so important to put ourselves in the shoes of the target audience.  Why would they bother to attend?  What made the conference special and different?

The key to ensuring attendance was to engage with the sales team on the ground.  We prepared tools and communications that the team could use directly with their contacts.  The outcome was as we expected – it was challenging to keep control of who was being invited and this was a problem because we had a clear objective on the ROI.  However, it proved to be the right approach overall, and my advice is to employ this trust and association with relationship holders as a priority to communicate with target audiences, rather than rely upon anonymous automated communications.

The Fairmont at the Palm is a first-class venue; the operations team at the back is highly experienced and the professionalism and class of the delivery was a key factor in the success of the event.

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