It’s not acceptable anymore to have your audience come to your event and just sit quietly. You need to give everyone an easy way to express themselves and get engaged.

I’ve just found a really cool and inexpensive way to run live polls and Q&As at events.  It’s called and the surprising thing to me was how inexpensive it was.

I started out looking at an interactive audience polling, presentation and engagement tool that aimed to get delegates fully onboard with the digital event experience.  It used iPads for each member of the audience and customised software.  I soon realised how relatively expensive this was after taking into consideration the costs for the staff it would need to manage it on site, and the equipment hire.  That option added up to a whopping 17,000 euro.  Compare that to the 250 euro option I finally settled on with that delivered just as good an experience.

Admittedly, I had to work it out myself and I realised I needed to ensure the graphics crew had a run through, and that we had dual screens to switch the views at the back of the set…but it worked. – what is it?  is a web-based Q&A and polling platform for live events where delegates can ask questions and vote in live polls via their phones. won an Event Technology award for best start-up in 2013

It proved super easy to set up and allowed the delegates to immediately connect with the event, without downloading any app. All they had to do was go to the slido URL and  enter an event code to see the questions and join in the polls.

Of course you need good Wifi in your conference room – without this you won’t be able to use it, so I added the small cost of a dedicated network at the venue and hey presto…I had a really great audience experience for about 750 euros!

Delegates can select answers in a Q&A session, and they can ask questions which can be moderated or set to appear on the screen in the conference room instantly  As an organiser, the options are equally good, because you can use the polls and Q&As in different rooms at the same time – great if you have breakout tracks.

So is the perfect tool if you are looking for a quick way to run live and immediate polls and Q&A sessions.  It’s easy to use and to set up. It takes minutes to go live, and it’s inexpensive.


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