Avoid emotional decisions to get the best from your venue budget

By Business Events, Project Management, Venues

When searching for a venue often the location, brand, style, look and feel will catch your attention and tempt you to book it. It is scientifically proven that buying decisions, even in business, are emotionally-driven and then justified later, when the hard, cold facts and features are made to fit the decision – even if they are not deserved. This is why you have to look much deeper after initially identifying a venue for your…

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How to prevent your event budget from being stolen

By Business Events, Project Management

Working with new event partners and suppliers needs careful process management. None of us are exempt from the ever-increasing sophistication of scammers, and this story serves as a warning when working with new and unknown suppliers – especially on one-off jobs in the Middle East and Africa regions. An established and experienced partner, a Europe-based production company was almost conned out of many thousands of event budget euros. The disaster was avoided, but the lesson…

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