You can’t check-in at Cairo airport without going through security first. I’ve done it lots of times and I should have known better than to try…

A mid-afternoon flight back to London means long queues in the airport, anyway, so no news there and nothing out of the ordinary. Until that is, you change your flight at the last minute and you don’t have a printer to print out your e-ticket. Because, at the time I wrote this blog piece, if you can’t show your e-ticket you can’t go through security, and therefore you can’t check in. What seemed like fifteen-mile queues at the Air Egypt sales office prevent you from obtaining a print of your ticket. And the security guard at the conveyor belt, AKA Gorgon-Medusa-Harpie, is never going to let you through. After all, you’re a woman and you have the audacity to ask questions…

Then you realise you have two options:

Option 1: You miss the flight and wait in the sales office queue
Option 2: You stand at the security line and scream at the top of your voice and you keep on screaming until every single person in the airport is looking at you

Option 2 is the right one, because it gets everyone’s attention…not just from the boss of Gorgon-Medusa-Harpie, the offending Security Guard …but from the masses in the airport who, even at this point in their political and social evolution, are still not quite ready for it. However, you don’t care about the masses and at this point you could easily give Mrs Lovett from Sweeney Todd a run for her money. Gorgon-Medusa-Harpie better watch out!

Having executed Option 2 Gorgon-Medusa-Harpie finally lets you through to check-in and you catch the flight by the skin of your teeth.

Moral of the story – don’t be afraid to scream in Cairo

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